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Training Program Content

Healthy Habits Champions: Kids and You

  1. The hidden power of habits: How eating habits impact children’s lives--present and future.
  2. Nutrition: How variety and balance support a thriving body over a lifetime.
  3. Trust their tummies: How child's positive eating experience makes a lifetime of difference.
  4. Celebrate special occasions: How to teach children excitement about all types of food.
  5. Imagination and play: How movement helps sustain a healthy body and healthy mind.
  6. What are they watching? Why quality of content is key.
  7. Act with confidence and joy: Why confident teachers have so much to offer families.

Healthy Habits Champions: Families and You

  1. Risk: How taking risk helps establish authentic relationship with families.
  2. Curiosity: How our curiosity leads to change and stronger relationship with families.
  3. Confidence: How our confidence builds a strong foundation for collaboration with families.
  4. Love: How love for the child is the nexus of family engagement.