The HHC Curriculum has seven chapters. Each chapter has one episode of the award-winning web series, called The Clash and the Change. Below you can view the first episode of that web series, where the key characters are introduced. In subsequent episodes, we will see our characters struggle to implement key nutritional concepts in their classroom. 

Episode 1 of the web series "The Clash and The Change."


In each chapter, the web series is complemented by a more formal lesson that goes into more depth about key concepts on nutrition and physical activity. The lesson series is called Butterfly Radio, and below we present Part One. 

Butterfly Radio Part One.

The HHC program is available to ECE professionals all over the nation. If you are interested in enrolling or bringing HHC to your program, please click here.

Teachers who viewed the program really enjoyed it:

Without doubt this training has changed my view of how important it is to teach the importance of habits!
I LOVED the radio show scenario, because it presented a situation that wasn’t cut and dry - it was realistic and gray.