Healthy Habits Champions Training Design

The HHC program consists of seven chapters, all related to development of lifelong healthy habits in children:

  1. The hidden power of habits: How eating habits impact children’s lives--present and future.
  2. Nutrition: How variety and balance support a thriving body over a lifetime.
  3. Trust their tummies: How child's positive eating experience makes a lifetime of difference.
  4. Celebrate special occasions: How to teach children excitement about all types of food.
  5. Imagination and play: How movement helps sustain a healthy body and healthy mind.
  6. What are they watching? Why quality of content is key.
  7. Act with confidence and joy: Why confident teachers have so much to offer families.

Each chapter of the the Healthy Habits Champions program consists of four components:

  • First, teachers watch an episode of the HHC web series, The Clash and The Change.
  • Second, teachers view the formal video lesson, Butterfly Radio--an animated exploration into a key and provocative topic around developing healthy habits in young children. 
  • Third, teachers may access a set of resources carefully assembled for them.
  • Fourth, teachers are asked to complete a hands on exercise that personalizes the content of the lesson into their very life and classroom. 

Once teachers have completed all seven chapters, they take the final assessment to get 10 professional development hours / 1 CEU.


JDAF is committed to ensuring that the content of all lessons is applicable and accessible across the various cultures and traditions that make America great.