Healthy Habits Champions Program

We believe that, in collaboration with families, skilled early education professionals are the key to guiding children in the development of lifelong healthy habits. The Healthy Habits Champions program strengthens those skills and empowers early education professionals to work with children and families on embedding healthy habits into daily life, confidently, consistently, and with joy! 

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Through award-winning online video lessons and exercises, we build healthy habits skills, one teacher at a time, one program at a time. 

The HHC program has been developed in close collaboration with a team of experts of various disciplines. Together, we created a program that addresses core healthy habits concepts from all relevant perspectives: child development, nutrition, pediatrics, and physical education.

This training approach has been tested nationally with overwhelming enthusiasm and support. Some feedback from those who've started the HHC program:

The program as it is serves to educate and enlighten.
Great concept, idea, and format. I am looking forward to more!
This was well done, informative, and motivating!
I’m glad you are sharing this information. It’s very important. I am hoping that my students will be able to participate.
I’m going to recommend it to everyone!